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Who we are

SmartCat helps partners develop meaningful data solutions and functional data strategies for challenging business problems.

We provide an end-to-end solution (we take care of everything from the get-go to the final solution) by having various expertise under the same roof.


started by 3 founders
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63+ employees
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Why we are the way we are

Science meets Engineering

We look at problems from different angles. Four different but overlapping teams (data science, data engineering, DevOps, data visualization).


We are focused on fully understand your business. The results are the best possible tailor-made solutions we, then, implement.


We practice face-to-face project kick-off. We follow up with planning, demos, TDR (teams decision records), reports.

Investment In Knowledge

With an ever-growing employee knowledge budget, our contribution to OSS, and our public expert keynotes, you get to work with professionals who are challenging the market by adding new skills and vast experience continuously.

SmartCat in numbers


ML Solutions in production


% deliverables on time


% of clients from referrals


Weeks to start a project


% of seniors in our team

2019 Data EU incubator winner

A 3 day event at your company. Our team reviews your data.

We’ve taken the time and effort to create, grow, and nurture our team of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and DevOps.


What do we do


Team as a service

(when lacking tech skills)

Project based

(when needing to define and build the solution)


(adjusting the pre-built solution towards your use case)

Advisory work

Get to know

  • lack of ideas, want to develop data strategy – data strategy
  • have an idea, but no technical knowledge – design sprint
  • have a solution, need double check + what’s next – solution arch.


  • Proof of Concept
  • Product-ready solution
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Ways to work together

  1. Dedicated Team Model
  2. Agile Project Model
  3. Fixed Project Model

Why we are the way we are


Business Analyst


Business Analyst


Business Analyst

Machine Learning

Software Engineering

Data Engineering

Devops Mlops

Data Visualization


Quality Assurance

Product Ownership

Solution Architecture

Delivery Management

Our team

We don’t want you to think we’re only about work work work… We are professionals and love what we do, but we always enjoy time off and focusing on our private lives. Because, at the end of the day – we’re only people.

To say the least – our company culture is a people magnet – when people join our team, they usually stay here… for years. This is why we invest everything we have in people – our time, energy, knowledge, but also actual resources to help them improve both professionally and personally.

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This nice guy is our CEO, and he loves the sound of Results being delivered On Time

Yes, we have an amazing CEO and we’re not trying to suck up – we really mean it. Nenad Božić has years of experience in software engineering, advisory work, business development, and management.

Fun Fact: He also insisted on installing a rule where any excess money the company makes at year-end is routed back to the team. No lie! He could’ve hoarded the money for himself and bought some expensive things, but he didn’t. Talk about integrity and great character. We like him, and that’s why he’s here.

Meet him on LinkedIn →

Considering the fact you’ve come this far down, we would love to hear what you’re working on and see if we can become partners and make a difference with data.

Drop us a line, so we can start making data magic together.