Privacy and Data Protection

We hereby inform you that "SmartCat" d.o.o. Novi Sad appointed a data protection officer.

The person appointed for the protection of personal data is Nenad Božić, e-mail address:, phone number: +381655522979, "SmartCat" d.o.o. Novi Sad, Zeleznicka 30, 1st floor, 21000 Novi Sad.

You can always contact our Personal Data Protection Officer if you have any questions, concerns or remarks regarding the processing of your personal data.

We care about your privacy.

What do you look for in a client?

We love working with clients at all levels. Beginners who want to become a data-driven company. Medium-savvy companies who have data but don’t know how to best use it. Advanced companies that are already big with data and want creative ways to solve tough problems.

We prefer clients who are making a positive impact on the world (be it small or large). Those who take risks, and trust their product enough so it’s easy for them to trust the people they collaborate with.

How much does it cost?

Over the last half-decade, we’ve amassed a team of experts who are extremely quickwitted, creative, and solved over 300+ heavy-duty problems for big names. The cost of the expertise depends on what you want to do.

Usually, a good starting point for consultancy workshops is €1000 per day, and we’re typically done in 2-3 days. Consultancy work is free if you’d like us to develop the idea/project we thought of together (we reduce the price of product engineering). Based on our experience and what clients most often approach us to do, a good conversation starter for product engineering is 3 developers working 3 months to create your product. The ballpark figure for this is €50-60K in total. To do a better estimation of time, team size, and price please get in touch and tell us more about your project.

Do I need to have a dataset ready?

Not really. We can help you decide what data you need to collect and set up a way to collect it. Usually, we need around 1-2 years worth of historical data to make trustworthy predictions. But for other machine learning projects, it depends on the quality of the data.

Read 10 AI project pitfalls to get a better idea.

Do you do Technical Due Diligence?

Absolutely! Get in touch and we’ll get started immediately.

What’s it like to work with you?

Great question. Over 80% of our projects come from word of mouth. People love to work with us because of how good/safe our process makes them feel, our culture, and our team of experts. We can help you contact our past clients so you can ask them why they recommend us so much.

That’s it?

More or less. But if you want to know what your next steps could be or how this all might work out, please get in touch. We reply quickly.