Optimisation and utilization of the space

PropTech, Smart Buildings

We helped our client develop a space optimization product used by enterprise-level companies and higher education institutions US-wide

Because of the inefficient real estate utilization tracking, companies are wasting millions per annum.

There’s a lot of data around us waiting to be collected. It allows companies to make timely decisions, reduce their portfolio, and lower overall costs.

However, few companies use it.

Our PropTech client recognized this problem… and needed an extra pair of hands at first

Our client was a US-based startup that uses AI to optimize the usage of real estate space.

Their technology helps higher education institutions and enterprise-level companies to

  • Improve their portfolio tracking and reduction,
  • increase the efficiency of processes (cleaning, management, overall comfort…) according to the occupancy rate, and
  • cut the maintenance, electricity, and other real estate management-related costs.

They approached us to extend their AI team and reinforce the product.

Usual use cases (but not limited to)

  • Track the occupancy in buildings, rooms, and floors.
  • Analyze the attendance rate at lectures and conferences.
  • Have a real-time alerting system (for maintenance, cleaning, and scheduling…).
  • Optimize energy consumption, CO2 emissions, temperature and humidity levels.

Challenges of integration and implementation of improvements

Our challenge was twofold.

  1. We had to integrate into our client’s team and deliver the final product according to their plans – while providing fresh ideas.
  2. We had to improve the precision of the tracking system based on data collection through Wi-Fi hotspots and sensors.

How we solved these two challenges

  1. Apart from regular meetings with our client’s PM, faster delivery, and increased scalability, we also integrated our internal SmartCat processes and participated in brainstorming sessions.

To speed up feedback and improvement, we took full ownership of integrating the Amazon QuickSight. This tool allowed us to have faster iterations and feedback of higher quality.

2. We improved the analysis of data collected through Wi-Fi hotspots and complemented them with a sensor-based tracking system.

The usual problem with Wi-Fi is precision in the zone-level tracking (single rooms). So we shifted from it to the floor and building-level tracking with Wi-Fi.

Then we used sensors to define exactly how many people there are on a granular level.

The whole data collection process is completely GDPR compliant.

We created features for getting actionable insights

Apart from setting up proper data collection and analysis systems, we also created:

  • Visualization dashboards for user-friendly data tracking
  • Integrations with timetabling and scheduling systems (e.g. auto-cancellation in case of no-show)
  • Alerting system for important parameters – occupancy, temperature, humidity, CO2, electricity consumption

This resulted in increased precision and improved processes

We increased precision in occupancy rate tracking up to 90%. That allows end-users to optimize space utilization to the maximum.

Our way of working improved internal processes at our client’s side and helped them further develop their business models.

In the end, the overall success of our project led to the startup being recognized by investors and acquired by a larger group later on.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the client says.

“SmartCat was a crucial piece of the puzzle in creating a powerful AI-based real estate occupancy tracking product. They integrated so well that we felt they’re part of the company.”

Product Manager in our client’s company

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