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Facilities use over 40% of worldwide electric energy just to set the temperature in a room. Energy efficiency is not just a business problem; it’s a societal problem affecting everyone. Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions will soon be mandatory, not just a matter of preference. Companies are obliged to create more sustainable business practices soon and fast.


The main problem was to answer the challenge of how can you build energy-efficient buildings/factories, stop wasting energy, and generate a substantial economic impact on your balance sheet all at once.


Optimus Power, the powerful #proptech AI software, provides automatic control of energy efficiency for commercial properties upgrading people’s comfort. Optimus Power aims to predict and reduce energy consumption in a specific facility or area, consequently reducing the costs and CO2 emissions, supporting you in accomplishing one of the most important goals that our planet has at its forefront. Imagine Optimus Power as a central system for controlling, forecasting, predicting, and spotting anomalies all of which would be almost impossible to achieve through manual control. Enabling you to save up to 35% of energy, by creating significant savings in your budget, this tech shift might open new possibilities to reallocate money into new technologies and opportunities.


Anomaly detection: get notifications about malfunctions, excess usage, unexpected temps, and any other problems that may occur. Forecasting: based on data, we predict information enabling energy managers to act at the right time and give information to financial managers which they can depend on. Autopilot: enabling you to have optimal control without any manual labor monitoring: analysis of old vs. new savings, savings trend, and much more so you better understand the impact of your AI-powered solution.

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Almost every Government supports this kind of project.

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Optimus Power (OP) is a perfect solution for optimal control of energy consumption of HVAC appliances in commercial buildings, malls, airports, industrial halls or hotels.

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