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About us

Brain Powered AI Company

AI without HI is just a powerful toy. Get the brains behind the data. Use AI for serious and sustainable growth.

Our Mission

Make a difference with data!

Our goal is to drive positive impact through data. We wish to unearth crucial patterns, address global challenges, and take part in social change.

“We want to create a dream team of bright people. Together, we’ll find novel ways to solve complex data problems for carefully selected projects. As a result, our solutions will have a positive and measurable impact on everyday life, society, and business."

Nenad Bozic

CEO, SmartCat

How we work

Creating Data & AI Products Since 2015.

At SmartCat, our 8 years of experience in data solutions empower us to specialize in data platforms, analytics, and AI. From ideation to production-ready systems, we cover all aspects of product development.

How we do it

Fractional services

Poor solutions for your business growth due to a lack of experience and domain expertise.

Unpredictable Costs

Hidden or unexpected costs that appear after signing the contract.

Low-Quality Data

Unusable data that has no real value.

Seeking Solutions in Multiple Places

Wasting resources on searching for essential services across different companies.

Inefficient Time Management

Poor time management process leads to inefficiency.

Comprehensive Business Analysis

Expert’s report analyzing your business model from multiple perspectives.


Always know the stage of the project and how much it costs.

Adding Value to Your Data

Gain clarity in dealing with any data, even without Smart Cat.

All-In-One Data Team

Our team ensures scalable data expertise for your business.

Cooperation Models

We understand the importance of project success, and that's why we offer three collaborative models tailored to your needs. With our Team Augmentation, Dedicated Team, and Project Based Models, you gain access to flexible integration, expert teams, and streamlined solutions.

Team extension - Get focused skills to finish the project!

Get additional engineers ASAP, meet deadlines and finish important projects. Our specialists blend in your processes and cultural fit, while our delivery manager is the main point of contact and provides you with reports. Charged as Time and Material since we share responsibility.

Managed team - Get an A-team!

Ideal if there’s time and space for the project to evolve or if you’re defining requirements on the go. Our engineers work with your product owner and provide an entire delivery management. You provide backlogs and lists of priorities. Time and Material or retainer.

Product / feature team - Get results!

You get a product owner, a delivery manager and a team to work with your C-level on building a product from your KPIs, visions and directions. Time and material, fixed pricing or monthly retainers.

Smartcat in numbers

SmartCat: Where Science Meets Engineering

With 45 ML Solutions and 8 Data Lakehouse implementations, SmartCat is a trusted vendor. Our multidisciplinary teams in data science, data engineering, DevOps, and data visualization bring diverse perspectives to solve complex problems. We prioritize proactiveness, transparency, and investment in knowledge to deliver tailor-made solutions.


ML Solutions in production


Data Lakehouse implementations







Weeks to start a project


Empowering Together, Our Clients Are Our Partners

SmartCat believes in the power of true partnerships. By helping you evolve, we create opportunities for both of us to grow on the global market.

what our clients say

SmartCat Exceeds Expectations, Delivers Results

Vantage Discovery

"SmartCat has been an amazing development partner and integration service provider for the AI-powered Vantage platform. Working effectively in an agile process across multiple time zones, together we have built and deployed a highly available, secure, semantic search and discovery platform."

Tom Chikoore

Head of Engineering


"We at Pinecone are thrilled to share our experience working with the SmartCat team, particularly Dejan Miletic, on the second part of our series, 'Scaling AI Applications with Pinecone and Kubernetes.' This collaboration has been instrumental in enhancing our ingestion pipeline, enabling us to transform raw video into embedded objects detected in each frame, all stored within Pinecone. The expertise, dedication, and innovative solutions provided by SmartCat have significantly contributed to the success of this project. We highly recommend their services for anyone looking to elevate their AI applications."

Roie Schwaber-Cohen

Staff Developer Advocate

MR. Work

“I've experienced SmartCat’s experience both in the field of Big Data and general software development and agile planning. With the SmartCat team, we found not only a Strategic Partner to finetune our vision and roadmap but also a team of specialist engineers who are able to deliver high quality in a well-organized way.”

Zeno Lampe

IT Manager, Mr. Work


“SmartCat over-delivered on our project while doing it successfully and on time. Transparency was key to our collaboration. It has been a pleasure to work with them.”

James Isilay

CEO, Cognism


Join our team!

You should join the SmartCat team, where creativity and integrity are prioritized for delivering outstanding results. Balance your professional and personal growth in an environment that values continuous learning and well-being.

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