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What we do

AI Company created with love and expertise

Get effective data solutions and data strategies for challenging business problems. We combine all data departments and domain experts under the same roof.

Our Services

SmartCat is a service-based company specializing in delivering comprehensive data solutions for businesses. With eight years of experience, our team of experts is dedicated to expanding their knowledge and incorporating new technologies and methods.

Data Strategy Workshop preview

Our experts will evaluate your data maturity and identify opportunities to develop a roadmap for data products that improve your business. Gain a clear vision of data as a valuable asset, align it with objectives, and use our expertise in data science, engineering, and visualization for transformative growth and innovation.

Design Sprint Workshop preview

Gain clarity, a roadmap, and an estimated budget aligned with your objectives. Define and plan data products, set milestones, predict risks, and receive team suggestions. Get expert guidance throughout your data journey

Solution Discovery Workshop preview

Collaborate with our experts to ideate, create a proof of concept, and modernize existing systems. Benefit from in-depth analysis, roadmap development, and transparent communication. Rely on our diverse expertise and methodology to unlock the full potential of your data solutions.

Free Form Retainer

Gain access to our dedicated SmartCat expert(s), who are readily available to address any data-related issues or questions you may have. With our retainer model, you have the flexibility to seek guidance and advice as needed, ensuring the prompt resolution of data-specific problems. Whether it's data acquisition, storage, organization, exposure, monetization, data privacy, or data security, our experts will be there to support you every step of the way.

Solution Architecture Workshop

Go through our workshop to gain clarity on your current data system. This workshop breaks down the system into modules and presents actionable steps to improve each aspect. Additionally, our experts will review your existing data product and compose a detailed improvement report. Whether you're facing challenges like slow infrastructure, underperformance, high costs, or other specific data problems, this workshop will help you identify and trigger the necessary improvements to optimize your data operations.

Data product development

Our approach to building data products is designed to provide you with a feature-complete solution that meets your unique requirements. Through a series of milestones and utilizing Agile methodology, we ensure a structured and iterative development process. With our expertise in data-driven solutions, we offer three flexible options tailored to your specific needs. Dedicated team - you’ll get the whole team. Project-based - by taking ownership of the entire product (through project development). Team augmentation - when the team needs our specific data skills.


AIDA - AI-ready Data Lake solution

#AWS #DataLake #AI We designed a framework that seamlessly integrates Data Lake and Data Readiness for AI. It simplifies data strategy by offering a centralized storage location for data collection, storage, and processing. AIDA's unified access ensures that pre-processed and structured data is effortlessly accessible for business operations and AI experimentation.

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