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We’re on a mission to help our clients use data in a smart way, all while striving to make working life a fun and learning experience.

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About us as a company

We want to make a difference with data. How? By delivering exceptional solutions for data-driven and data-intensive cases in software products.

But how do you make these exceptional solutions? Like a cocktail! Here’s the recipe:

  1. Hold your solutions accountable – by monitoring and measuring their success
  2. Impress clients with remarkably professional conduct, high-quality deliverables, and client care
  3. Learn, improve, repeat
  4. Shake, serve chilled with a slice of lemon.

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Our Core Values

These are some of the values we live by as a smart data agency. We work by them, too. We build solutions that we truly believe in and know can make a difference – and you can tell, trust us.

Create Together

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Work With Integrity

Believe that Knowledge is Power

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Take Care of Our Well-being

We live in such a fast world where things happen rapidly and we all tend to breeze through life, without actually thinking to stop and realize what’s important. We nurture a culture of slowing things down, taking the time every individual needs and thus, taking care of our well-being. Yes, even if it means other things will suffer, people are number one priority at SmartCat.


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