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Data Product Development

Get a feature-complete data product

Data product development

Agile Milestones for Data-Driven Success

Through a series of milestones and utilizing Agile methodology, we ensure a structured and iterative development process. With our expertise in data-driven solutions, we offer three flexible options tailored to your specific needs. Dedicated team - you’ll get the whole team. Project-based - by taking ownership of the entire product (through project development). Team augmentation - when the team needs our specific data skills.

Data Management - Data Lakehouse

When you have scattered data sources and want to consolidate them to facilitate reporting and build data products in the future, our Data Lakehouse service is the answer. Through a data strategy workshop, we define the scope and proceed with a team of experienced engineers to build a data lake and generate initial reports that demonstrate the value of the data lake. Examples: Analytics and ML System; Data Strategy Workshop

User Behavior Analytics

Understanding user behavior is crucial for personalization and decision-making. Our User Behavior Analytics service helps you gain valuable insights from user interactions on your website. Through design sprint workshops, we define the scope and provide implementation by a team of experts. Examples: User Segmentation, Behavior Analytics

Customer Churn & Retention Analytics

High customer churn rates can be detrimental to your business. Our Churn Analysis service helps you understand why users leave and reduce churn rates. We conduct design sprint workshops to define the scope and provide implementation by a specialized team. Example: Churn Analysis

Advanced Classification & Detection

This service offers cutting-edge computer vision capabilities to recognize and categorize objects from images or videos. Additionally, it facilitates anomaly detection for asset management or fraud detection purposes. Examples: Object Classification, Anomaly Detection

Recommendation Systems

Recommender Engines service focuses on improving customer engagement and providing personalized experiences. We leverage design sprint workshops to define the scope and implement a robust recommendation engine integrated into your application. Example: Personalization Engine

Search Systems & Similarity Analysis

This service offers advanced search capabilities for large amounts of data, making it easier for customers to find relevant entities. Additionally, we provide similarity analysis to personalize customer communication further. Examples: Advanced Search, Similarity Analysis

Microservices & Distributed Systems

Our Microservices & Distributed Systems service provides scalable and reliable systems that collect massive amounts of data. We offer solution architecture workshops to define the scope and implement distributed systems using microservice architecture. Example: Transactional Core

AI-Powered Chat & Natural Language Processing

AI-Powered Chat service optimizes communication with users, automating sales or customer support processes. We implement chat AI, sentiment analysis, and keyword extraction to enhance user interactions. Examples: Chat AI, Sentiment Analysis, Keywords Extraction

Optimization & Resource Management

Our Optimization service focuses on improving efficiency and resource allocation in various domains, such as dynamic pricing, space, and energy optimization. Examples: Dynamic Pricing, Space and Occupancy Optimization, Energy Optimization

Image & Object Analysis

This service leverages contextual image analysis and object tracking to extract valuable information from images and videos. Examples: Contextual Image Analysis, Object Tracking

PII Extraction

To ensure compliance and data security, PII Extraction service identifies and extracts Personal Identifiable Information from various sources, such as documents, databases, and websites.

Knowledge is Power!

From enhancing customer experiences with personalized recommendations and behavior analytics to optimizing resource management through dynamic pricing and energy efficiency, we offer a wide array of data-driven services to empower businesses across diverse industries. We believe in collaborative partnerships with our clients, combining our expertise in data analysis and AI technologies with your industry insights to drive sustainable growth and