AI optimization and corporate space utilization


Gaining a competitive edge in real estate with AI-driven geospatial analytics with Data & knowledge as a  business power. –.

It is not a secret that data analysis can significantly improve decision-making in real estate.
How to predict and infer space occupancy and utilization to optimize the use of commercial and corporate spaces?

Knowing how people behave and where they are located gives many businesses a competitive advantage. Good example could be increasing the number of employees in case of the high frequency of customers in some period of the day (e.g., bars, hotel’s reception) 
Real-time analytics and AI can provide a valuable insights into the indoor movement and positioning and how space is occupied and utilized. Analyze surveillance videos and make outputs for BI tool.


The process: 

We defined which parts of the system can be generic and camera-specific and need to be adapted to each case.

The pilot project includes retraining networks that are camera specific, representing what networks see via data that is easy to be manipulated. Then, we use  this data with  post-processing to meet our client’s specific needs.

SmartCat use the database for training multiple models designed to extract different kinds of information from videos. 
We perform an automatic secondary analysis of the collected raw data , so it can be used to create human-readable insights, alerting, and visualizations. As a result,  Analytics about how many persons enter the space, how long they stay in each position, and which resources they use serve as a business inteligence for clients to make smart decisions


Optimisation and utilization of the space

90% of people successfully detected and tracked

Automatization of manual operations

SmartCat collects relevant data from videos with high accuracy. Up to 90% of people and objects were successfully detected. This data is then automatically manipulated and transformed to accommodate specific client’s needs.
SmartCat improves  the systems that support the algorithms applicable to security cameras.

About the client

Smart Tip

Most CV algorithms hardly apply or apply with many difficulties to the security cameras, but we improve the Smart AI-Powered Systems that support those algorithms, using custom algorithms and optimization.

Smart Fact

In 2022 the focus will be on AI-driven spatial analytics. Why? Because it is a quick and affordable way to provide reducing manual observations.

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