Transforming Data Challenges into Business Growth: A Smart Approach to Solving IT and Data Collection Issues at a Mid-Sized Convenience Chain


The case study focuses on a mid-sized convenience store chain facing IT and data collection challenges, leading to difficulties in managing inventory, maintaining stores, handling customers, and dealing with competition. The client needed to make data-driven decisions and improve operations to enhance customer satisfaction and stay ahead of competitors.


The client faced several pain points and obstacles, including inventory management issues, unsatisfied customers, and competition. The existing data model and reporting system were inadequate and did not provide insights into customer behavior or product trends.


SmartCat team analyzed and proposed changes to the current data model, enabling the client to make data-driven decisions through smart reporting that incorporated pattern analysis, anomaly detection, smart suggestions, insights, and forecasting. The interactive report provided several metrics, such as the number of customers, active and returning customers, popular products, purchasing trends, number of orders, and preferable days for shopping, among others. This allowed the client to better manage their inventory and predict customers’ behavior, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.


The solution provided by SmartCat resulted in improved inventory management, better customer satisfaction, and enhanced business growth. The metrics tracked in the report showed an increase in the number of customers, active and returning customers, sales, and popular products. The client could make informed decisions based on customer behavior, resulting in better product offerings, personalized offers, and increased revenue.

Smart Tip

To make informed decisions and personalized offers, it is essential to track each customer’s behavior over a significant time period.

Smart Fact

Many smaller stores do not utilize modern data approaches to improve their business, all while having the most important weapon in their arsenal – data.

About the Client

The client is a mid-sized convenience store chain with over 20 stores.

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