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Healthcare & Life Science

Data is at the heart of healthcare and life science of the future

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Whether it’s for diagnostics, prevention, or scientific research, all the data you collect is waiting to be analyzed. Your experience and knowledge, combined with the powerful processing power of AI will accelerate all the meaningful breakthroughs.

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Why smartcat

Your Trusted Partner for Visionary Solutions

When you choose SmartCat as your partner, you embark on a journey that begins with a visionary approach, followed by meticulous design and implementation and culminates in the delivery of production-ready systems.


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Shaping the Industry's Future Together

At SmartCat, we believe in forging partnerships, not just client relationships. We collaborate closely with our partners to co-create innovative data solutions. Our approach fosters a collaborative environment where ideas are exchanged and goals are aligned. Join us as partners in shaping the industry's future.

what our clients say

Trusted by our beloved clients SmartCat Exceeds Expectations!

MR. Work

“I've experienced SmartCat’s experience both in the field of Big Data and general software development and agile planning. With the SmartCat team, we found not only a Strategic Partner to finetune our vision and roadmap but also a team of specialist engineers who are able to deliver high quality in a well-organized way.”

Zeno Lampe

IT Manager


“SmartCat over-delivered on our project while doing it successfully and on time. Transparency was key to our collaboration. It has been a pleasure to work with them.”

James Isilay


Invenda group ag

“Working with SmartCat has been an incredible experience. Their team helped us to create an AI-Ready Data Lake platform. What sets SmartCat apart from other options is their approach to their work - they feel like a partner, not just a contractor.”

Petar Jerinic

Cloud Team Lead


“SmartCat assisted us since the inception of our product idea and helped us create a Smart and Data-driven-By-Design digital healthcare platform. Patients and doctors, our users, have never been happier.”

Filip Ivančić



“Very smart people, great company. With detailed preparation and data sharing principles in mind (GDPR and security) they helped us develop algorithms to get the probability that customers will churn.”

Saša Radovanović

Data Science & CLM Team Leader


“Just like everybody else, we had data. But we needed help on how to tackle the issue of extracting useful information from our data. We are totally happy with the state-of-the-art AI engine SmartCat has created for us. This enables us to provide unique experience to our customers by using SmartCat's data-driven AI model."

Nenad Radanović

Head of Software Development

“As a Data Engineer, I was the Project Manager for the DataOps project. It was a pleasure working with SmartCat on the project, they created a DevOps solution for our data warehouse in Google Cloud. The experts working for SmartCat are very experienced in the field of big data and software engineering. The end result is that we have a scalable, serverless, fully automated CI/CD environment which we can build upon. The SmartCat project members were always punctual, driven and took ownership of the whole process. I will be happy to work together with them in the future.”

Tim Ebbers

Data Engineer

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”We have worked with SmartCat to develop a number of AI-based projects, and since we've been hesitant about the scope and size of the project, SmartCat suggested a "Time and Mastery" model, with min-max estimates and success criteria. SmartCat has blown it out of the water - the quality of work and speed of delivery was top notch, and we gladly paid the max price, because they substantially overachieved the goals we've set together. We've just finished our second project with them, with the 3rd one coming soon!”

David Tabachnikov



”Smartcat helped us out in short term, provided expertise on the matter and responded promptly to additional questions we had.  The reason that I would recommend SmartCat is pragmatic approach and honest pricing.”

D. van Roon

IT Director

AI Innovations in Healthcare

Experience the future of healthcare with our transformative solutions in telemedicine, healthcare, and life science. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we empower patients, healthcare providers, and life science professionals to revolutionize healthcare delivery.

Unleashing chatbots for faster diagnostics

Learn how SmartCat harnessed the power of AI chatbots to streamline diagnostics data acquisition for a leading healthcare company. Discover the game-changing results, faster data acquisition, improved patient outcomes, and how to navigate AI regulations in the healthcare industry.

EmpathicAI: Redefining Clinical Trials with an AI-Powered Virtual Assistant!

Dive into the world of EmpathicAI, the groundbreaking project that digitalized patient diaries in clinical trials through an AI-powered, GDPR-compliant chatbot. See how SmartCat made smart trade-offs and overcame data limitations to create a predictive data model, revolutionizing patient engagement and adherence in clinical studies.

Empowering Patients and Doctors through Telemedicine Chatbots!

The telemedicine mobile app developed by SmartCat redefines patient-clinic communication. Explore how DevOps and mobile technologies transformed patient care, enabling remote management and support through a user-friendly interface and empathic chatbot.

Embryo Intelligence Enhancing IVF Success with AI Image Processing!

Discover how SmartCat revolutionized human reproduction and embryology with cutting-edge AI image processing. Uncover the secrets behind the machine learning model that classifies embryo videos, aiding doctors in selecting the best prospects for successful pregnancies

Smart Facts Related to our case studies

Discover smart tips for your healthcare, life science, and telemedicine business based on our case studies.

Navigating AI in Healthcare: Balancing Innovation and Regulation

When using AI in healthcare, it's important to be cautious since this is a heavily regulated area. While AI can help gather and visualize patient data, it's important to ensure that any advice-giving features are compliant with regulations and that the AI is capable of delivering accurate recommendations.

Enhancing Engagement: Digital Health Tools in Clinical Trials

According to a study by the Journal of Medical Internet Research, patients enrolled in clinical trials using digital health tools were more engaged and had better adherence to their treatment regimens compared to traditional methods.

The Rise of Mobile Health: Transforming Healthcare through Mobile Applications

According to a recent study, more than 80% of patients prefer to use mobile applications to manage their healthcare needs, highlighting the growing importance of mobile technologies in the healthcare industry.

Image Processing For Healthcare Industry

Embryo classification using image processing and deep learning techniques can significantly assist healthcare professionals in making informed decisions about successful pregnancies, potentially improving the outcomes of human reproduction procedures.