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With our expertise in data analytics, we empower telco companies to make informed decisions, drive customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Churn Prediction Modeling

Data Cleaning and Validation

Feature Extraction and Analysis

Predictive Model Implementation and Evaluation

Data Lakehouse Architecture and Scalability

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Your Trusted Partner for Visionary Solutions

When you choose SmartCat as your partner, you embark on a journey that begins with a visionary approach, followed by meticulous design and implementation and culminates in the delivery of production-ready systems.


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Shaping the Industry's Future Together

At SmartCat, we believe in forging partnerships, not just client relationships. We collaborate closely with our partners to co-create innovative data solutions. Our approach fosters a collaborative environment where ideas are exchanged and goals are aligned. Join us as partners in shaping the industry's future.

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“Very smart people, great company. With detailed preparation and data sharing principles in mind (GDPR and security) they helped us develop algorithms to get the probability that customers will churn.”

Saša Radovanović

Data Science and CLM Team Leader, Telenor Serbia

Telco analytics: SmartCat's journey from MVP chaos to market leadership

Thanks to a deep understanding of the telecom industry's challenges, SmartCat delivers systems that match the needs of millions of users in this ever-evolving landscape.

Future of 5G

As the Telco industry gears up for the transformative era of 5G technology, SmartCat helps you harness the power of this next-generation network. Through advanced data analytics, infrastructure scalability, and strategic insights, seize new opportunities, optimize network performance, and deliver enhanced user experiences in the 5G era

Rapidly scaling MVP into a corporate-level data analytics software

SmartCat helped a telco company enhance their self-serving Data Analytics SaaS from an internally developed minimum viable product (MVP) to a robust corporate-level software. They addressed challenges in code scalability, data processing speed, and data organization to ensure the tool could handle large data sets and provide valuable insights.

Implementation of a Data Lakehouse

SmartCat implemented a data agnostic solution using Azure Cloud, Microsoft cloud, SQL server, and C#. The Data Lakehouse allowed the client's team to store, handle, and access data in one place while offering scalability options. This resulted in an improved data upload process and enhanced data modeling and organization, enabling the software to generate more insights.

Change Management and Data Governance

SmartCat provided consultancy on data strategy and implemented a data governance process to help the client manage the changes associated with adopting new data strategies. They facilitated meetings, created intuitive user interfaces, and ensured the entire organization could effectively utilize the data solution.

Churn Prediction Model for Telco Business Customers

We assisted a telco company in improving their churn prediction model for business customers. By analyzing historical data, performing data cleaning and validation, and implementing predictive models, they achieved a significant increase in prediction accuracy. The improved model helped identify customers most likely to churn, enabling targeted sales and marketing efforts.

Focus on user-friendliness and scalability:

Our team emphasized the importance of creating user-friendly solutions that prioritize ease of use and maintenance, even for individuals without technical expertise. They also highlighted the need to address scalability issues that arise as the product or dataset grows, ensuring that features and procedures do not hinder further growth.

Smart Facts related to our case studies

Explore intelligent solutions tailored for the telco industry through our extensive case studies. Gain valuable insights and smart tips to enhance customer engagement in your telecom business.

Prioritize user-friendliness

When developing a solution for clients with limited technical expertise, focus on creating an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. This ensures accessibility and ease of maintenance, even for non-technical users or organizations without dedicated IT personnel.

Address scalability challenges

Consider the potential bottlenecks and obstacles that may arise as the product or dataset grows in size. Features and procedures that were effective on a smaller scale may become hindrances as the system expands. Anticipating and proactively addressing scalability issues is crucial for sustained growth.

Enhance churn prediction accuracy

In the telecommunication industry, customer retention is vital. By developing a churn prediction model, businesses can identify customers who are most likely to leave, allowing targeted sales and marketing efforts to prevent churn. Improving the accuracy of such models by 5-10% can have a significant impact on customer retention rates.

Leverage Computer Vision expertise

Computer Vision technology can provide valuable insights and enhance decision-making processes in various industries, including telco. By leveraging SmartCat's Computer Vision expertise, telco companies can unlock new possibilities in areas such as image recognition, video analysis, and object detection, enabling improved efficiency, automation, and customer experiences.