Using Vantage Discovery for an intent-based search



Mar 11, 2024

Imagine you’re in a vast library that has only your favorite genres. There are thousands of books and you can’t wait to explore and find those sequels of favorite stories.

But there’s a catch: to find that sequel, you must know its exact title. There’s no other way to conduct a search. Frustrating, right? 

Say bye to keyword search and hello to semantic search. You describe what you need – and the librarian points you to the right shelves.

In our case, replace the librarian with an algorithm.

AI turns search into warm conversations

Thanks to the development in AI, your favorite sites can understand not just what you type, but what you mean. Search results can become interactive, which in turn gets you exactly what you want from the application.

Vantage Discovery enables apps to find your meaning, your intent, your context, not just keywords. It’s the difference between being heard and being understood. And in a digital world where customers have more and more options to choose from, it’s a game-changer.

This was the experience of one of our early innovator customers. When the customer uploaded their catalog to Vantage Discovery, the benefits showed up immediately.

As the graphic below shows, this statement is not hyperbole. Because none of the descriptions in their vast catalog had enough of a match with the long natural-language query, their algorithm was not able to provide any results. 

But thanks to embeddings with their preferred LLM, OpenAI, and the Vantage Discovery approach to indexing and optimizing search, they were able to generate dozens of highly relevant results using the exact same prompt  through Vantage Discovery’s API.

But what does this mean for the wider industry? Imagine providing your customers not just the product they asked for but an experience they’ll value. 

That’s what Vantage Discovery helps you deliver and what we, at SmartCat, have been providing together with Vantage to our clients who wanted interactive and advanced search.

Reframing the book analogy: Imagine walking into a bookstore, but instead of the books being sorted by genre and author, they’re organized by the topics you care about, the insights you need in your life, the ideas that you want to explore further. 

This isn’t your standard “customers who bought this also bought that” approach. We’re talking about a discovery experience that’s more akin to a knowledgeable friend who not only knows your taste but also the rich history and context behind each recommendation.

Vantage Discovery is set to launch e-commerce to another level

Vantage Discovery is bringing the power of AI to e-commerce search and discovery: building the next-generation discovery platform that will enable true semantic personalized product discovery for e-commerce companies across the planet. 

E-commerce search has historically been monopolized by big players like Google and Amazon and relied solely on keywords – but with Vantage’s AI-driven, hyper-personalized and user-centric approach, they have created a platform that uses LLMs to deeply understand data context and uncover insights not possible with keywords alone. 

Founded by Lance Riedel & Nigel Daley, who each have 25+ years in search engines, discovery platforms, and big data infrastructure supporting search. Together, Lance and Nigel disrupted e-commerce & shopping at Pinterest, where they used AI models and embeddings (compact representations of objects & the relationships between them) over 6 years ago to bring massive lift in engagement and conversions. 

They started the Shopping team which brought in catalogs from partners — allowing their products to be enriched with our deep knowledge of users and products, contextualizing the catalogs for discovery purposes. 

The wide availability of LLMs enables the same transformation at all retailers. By augmenting and enriching customer’s products with embeddings, Vantage Discovery can help you create a rich contextualized version of your products that are discoverable in the different ways that our customer’s customers are searching.

Ease of use of Vantage for your Search and Discovery

Vantage Discovery is an easy-to-use platform for AI search and discovery. Using Vantage Discovery you will get: 

  • Astounding results from natural language queries
  • New discovery experiences based on user-specific and site-specific context
  • Next-generation generative applications for fully personalized use cases

This opens up new opportunities for you to strengthen your customer relationships through innovation in personalization and generative capabilities.

Business transformation comes from real-world use cases, delivered at scale. Vantage Discovery is that bridge, as a platform that understands customer’s proprietary and trusted data sources and handles the complexity to deliver a truly delightful and stunning experience to your end customers.

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